At Recab UK all products are designed taking into account the environmental & electrical requirements laid out by the customer, thus ensuring the design will meet the customer's expectations not only in the functionality of the product, but it will meet all environmental requirements as well.

Our products are engineered to meet the strict and stringent requirements of industry regulations. Recab UK has years of experience in developing systems that routinely meet these regulatory requirements and have established strong relationships with certification test houses, which allows us to provide a streamlined certification testing process, regardless of which certification you require.

Below are some of the standards that Recab UK has extensive experience in developing products for:

  • CE Marking standards for products in the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • MIL STD-810 Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests for military and defence products
  • MIL STD-461 for electromagnetic compatibility in military and defence equipment
  • EN 61000- standards for electromagnetic compatiblity
  • EN 50155, 50121 and 50123 tests for rail applications
  • IEC 60945 for maritime navigation and radio communication equipment

As most products are developed as a component within a larger system, customers may wish to test the full system as a whole, thereby reducing the overall costs of certification. In this situation, Recab UK are more than willing to aid in the certification process alongside the customer to achieve the required certification. 

If the customer wishes to have the product certified individually then Recab UK will undertake the required testing of the product and issue the required certification for the product. 


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