Embedded Computing Systems

The systems we offer are characterized by fulfilling different certifications depending on the environment in which they are used. Therefore we have split them into the four verticals where we have our main focus and well as a category for more generic systems. 

Sometimes a project needs more than what we can offer from our standard COTS product portfolio. Then we can often find a box that meets 90% of the project requirements but still need small adaptations. This could be small adaptations like adding a logo or inserting an M.2 board for increased functionality. We can also do function testing, BIOS installation, preinstallation of SW. 

Some customers require a specific design and at Recab UK we can design systems developed according to customer specifications. We ensure the specification regarding temperature,  IP class, ruggedization, EMC, and more unusual requirements like salt mist for marine applications or radiation levels for use in space. We can do precertification tests according to your requirements.