TSN - Time Sensitive Networking

Recab UK are working closely with System on Chip Engineering (SoC-e) to offer solutions for the latest developments in high-availability and deterministic Ethernet networks.

SoC-e are at the forefront of the FPGA based Ethernet solutions world, they participate in many of the leading industry and academic groups developing and governing the standards and are very strong in their capabilities and track record for TSNHSR and PRP solutions.

These solutions are aimed at Energy, Defence, Aerospace and Rail transportation OEM, SI's and ISVs, developing long-life systems including Ethernet networks for critical applications.

Key benefits include:

  • Scalability and upgrade through life of fielded units, FPGA base enables future upgrade paths
  • Long-life of hardware and software with detailed controls over releases and updates
  • Highly-secure data transmission and encryption
  • High-availability of networks for critical applications
  • Multiple profiles supported with traffic-shaping, time-server, router functions and (ultra) low-latency
  • Capability to mix prioritized traffic on one Ethernet network

Recab UK has over 20 years experience in designing, building, supplying and supporting ASIC based Ethernet switch and router solutions for rugged applications.  We are excited by the extra and new capability this partnership brings and we'd be happy to discuss your program needs with you - contact us today!