To ensure embedded systems and components are capable of functioning effectively in any application environments, Recab UK applies conformal coatings to its solutions.


What are conformal coatings?

Conformal coatings for electronics are thin films, typically of polymeric materials, that can be applied to electronics and that conform to the shape of the printed circuit board (PCB) and its components. These coatings protect the PCB and components against environmental conditions such as moisture, salt spray and chemical particulates, which can lead to corrosion of components and electrical faults. These issues can result in a system failure, due to either electrical fault or component degradation. 


When is conformal coating required?

A conformal coating can be the distinction between a continued operation and embedded system failure in environments where there are water, sea, chemicals or high levels of airborne particulates like dust or sand. If an embedded system is intended for an extreme environment such as chemical processing, offshore or marine defence, these conformal coatings for extreme environments are essential to ensure reliable and safe functionality with minimal performance deterioration.

Depending on the exact nature of the application, Recab UK can apply a coating that will meet the specific environmental challenges faced by your embedded system.


Below are some example projects that Recab UK has delivered that include conformal coatings.